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  Jordan’s Dance  an essay on Derek Jarman’s Jubilee  in  Derek Jarman Super 8 edited by James mackay, published by Thames and Hudson , London

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2018 QUEER MONOLOGUES edited by SCOTTEE ( Oberon , London) anthologises two pieces by Neil Bartlett.

           Smiling in Slow Motion  a re-issue of the last volume of Derek Jarman’s journals, with a new introduction by Neil Bartlett.

2019   In Praise of Disobedience    a selection of prose by Oscar Wilde; introduction by Neil Bartlett. Verso Books.

           Funeral Rites      a re-issue of Jean Genet’s  astonishing novel , with a new introduction by Neil Bartlett. Faber and Faber. 

2021  Address Book   Neil’s fifth novel ; desire, hope and courage, hidden behind seven different front doors.

2022  ORLANDO  Neil’s acclaimed new adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel, which had its world premiere production at the Garrick Theatre in London’s West End with Michael Grandage directing and Emma Corrin in the lead role. Published by Nick Hern Books

          JEKYLL AND HYDE Neil’s new stage version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic gothic chiller premiered at the Derby Theatre. Boldly physical, it brings a new perspective to the toxic masculinity of the original by placing three female characters front and centre in the story – while keeping all the glorious Victorian menace of Stevenson’s language. Published by Nick Hern Books.

2023 THE DISAPPEARANCE BOY  a new edition of Neil 2014 novel, with a foreword which talks candidly about the book’s creation, and an afterword which documents a conversation between Neil and the world-renowned ( and also queer) illusionist Derren Brown, in which they talk about the intersections between queerness and the art(s) of illusion. Published by INKANDESCENT

2024 UBU ROYALE a new translation of Alfred Jarry’s potty-mouthed 1896 masterpiece UBU ROI, finding in Jarry’s megalomaniac anti-hero a dark mirror for the world of Putin and Trump. Published by CHEERIO.

Note ; Neil Bartlett and the Politics of Form, an unpublished thesis by Dr Linda Logie, University of Sussex, July 2001, has a useful bibliography of  books and articles about Neil Bartlett and his work up to that date.

In April 2013 Neil Bartlett’s personal archive, including manuscript material for most of his published and theatre work to date, was donated to the British Library in London, and can be consulted there.